206 East 13th Avenue

Denver, CO | city o' city 


- community-driven restaurant

- using local produce whenever possible

- have their own urban micro farm which provides much of their produce

- partner with other local vendors to ensure their success

- support local artists by having monthly in-house gallery shows, and often feeding travelers such as musicians, poets, politicians; the doers and makers of the world



Renegade Brewing Company - Hiatus - cold coffee-infused oatmeal ale

* each gallon of Renegade beer purchased provides one day of safe drinking water to a person in need

Seitan Wings - vegan buffalo wings with celery and ranch

Poutine - fries with vegan gravy + "cheese curds"

Living Salad - vegan + gf 

[ WARNING: this salad WILL HAUNT YOU ] 

local, organic, hydroponic greens tossed in first press olive oil and served with ground pumpkin seed, smoked sea salt, black pepper and lemon (+ cherry tomatoes)